Leasing made simple. Like it ought to be. 

 Whether you’re a NYC property manager or rental broker, the lease signing process can be frustrating and time consuming. With LeaseFiller you can fill, print, & sign your leases – without all the hassle. 

Are you ready to streamline your lease signing process?

 Filling out rental leases should be quite simple and straightforward. 

 Yet is it really? How many times have you left a field blank or made an error with any of the multiple calculations? How many times have you had to call back tenants to get the corrected or missing forms signed? 


LeaseFiller takes care of all that for you. With built-in calculations and field validation, the program will ensure that needless errors – need not occur. 

Fill Out Leases Quickly

Custom dropdown fields and auto-population ensures that you only have to fill in the minimal amount of fields.

Ensure You Stay Compliant

The program comes with the required NYS and NYC forms & riders; making sure that you stay compliant with the ever tightening regulations.

Blumberg Leases

We offer the popular Blumberg Stabilized Lease #327 and Sublease #193. These leases have been in use for decades and are recognized throughout the legal community.

Fully Customizable

Have another lease you would like to use or another form you would like to add? No problem. The program is fully customizable. Our custom solutions team will ensure that you have a product that fits your unique environment.

Guarantor Rider 

Quickly add a guarantor to the lease. Just enter the guarantor’s information, like the name, address, and SS# and the form will automatically print a guarantor rider together with the lease. 

Preferential Rent Rider 

Would you like to offer a preferential rent? No problem. Just enter the preferential rent amount and the program will generate an additional pref. rent rider with the rest of the information already filled in. 

Preferential Rent
Prorated Calculator 

Use the built-in prorated calculator in order to quickly determine the rent amount due for tenants moving in during the month. 

Are you still wasting countless hours manually processing lease renewals?

At LeaseFiller our goal is to automate the necessary- yet time consuming tasks. With our lease renewal module you can quickly and efficiently import the renewal information from an Excel or Text file and automatically generate lease renewals for all your tenants at once.


Vacancy Rent Calculator 

With your annual subscription you will get complimentary access to the Rent Calculator which calculates the vacancy allowance, longevity, and individual apartment improvements in order to determine the legal rent for vacancy leases.