What is LeaseFiller?

 Leasefiller is a lease writing program which helps property managers and leasing agents easily and efficiently draft leases with their accompanying forms and riders. With built-in field validation and auto-population, it also helps you avoid making common errors while drafting leases. 

Which lease forms does the program come with?

 It comes with the Blumberg Stabilized Lease #327 and the Blumberg Sublease #193.

Can I customize the program to work with the current lease form that I am using?

Yes. The program is fully customizable so you can use whichever lease you would like. Speak to our sales team about custom solutions. 

Does the program come with the required NYC forms and riders?

Yes, the program was built with NYC property managers in mind. So we incorporated the required forms and riders. 

Some of the riders we use aren’t listed on your site?

Our program is fully customizable so if you need any additional forms we can easily add them. 

I see your program is geared towards NYC management companies. However, our company is based outside New York and we have different requirements. Can I customize the program to fit our unique needs?

The core of the program can be used anywhere as the functionality of the program was meant to address issues that are universal to all property management companies. So, while the program may be geared towards NYC based management companies it can be easily customized to fit your needs. 

How do I download the program? Is there any software that needs to be installed?

All you need is the latest version of Adobe Reader and a plugin installed that can be downloaded at: https://plugin.fileopen.com/ Once downloaded you will be able to open the custom lease forms which we will provide you. 

Do I need an internet connection in order to access the lease form?

Yes. At LeaseFiller we take your privacy seriously and in order to ensure that your data is safe, the system does require an internet connection in order to validate your credentials, ensuring that only authorized users can access the program. 

Do you have a program that can generate lease renewals?

Yes. We have a lease renewal module which can import data automatically from an excel or text file and generate lease renewals for all your tenants. 

Have any additional questions for us?